Saturday, March 30, 2013

You Might Be a Parent If

The past few trips to Wally World has made Dh and I giggle as we heard parents saying and doing things we have ourselves have said or done. Things only parents say and do I decided to make a fun list. Plus I had so much fun making my "you might be a mom if". So with no further ado here is

You Might Be A Parent If

1. half of your conversations involve spelling out the words in your sentence. clean out you vehicle at 9 at night to find the desperately needed cup,blanket,toy etc.

3. you can carry on a conversation with high pitched screaming going on around you

4.your favorite 30min. TV show takes 2 hours to watch

5. you run around pretending to talk to Fantasy Characters

6. you have conversations like " well if I knew you would be good and walk in the store you would not have to ride in the cart"

7. your cuss words sound like food groups or possible cartoon characters " oh fudge" or "hey dumb bunny get off your cell phone and drive"

8. you not only get excited but also pay $10 to go to a play at your local school's cafeteria

9. you not only have but use parental locks/controls on your computers,gaming systems,cable etc.

10. You feel the need to check in on other people for their own well being

11. you have a look or phrase that can put the fear in another persons life

12. you counting sends people in your life in to a frenzy

13. Your phone conversations consist of  hold on....(to the person nagging  you) I'm on the phone........OK I'm back sorry....hold on

14. you have a mental countdown to bedtime that begins as soon as  dinner is done

15. you insist on reading another persons text messages before they delete them and if they don't  let you ...well then they loose it

16. you have the power to take away another person's favorite toys when they do not act right

17. one of your nightmares is an ___ year old has chosen to repeat some of your worst words while you are standing in front of

18. the person who begged you to stay up 2 hours late turns around and wakes you up 2 hours early the next morning

19. you no longer mind floaties in your drink or someone swiping bites part of your meal

20. you have ever played tic-tac-toe forty million times