Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Family Outing

Spring Break is here and while yes we home-school we do on occasion take a day when other kids have the day off too to go out and do something as a family. This week many of the weekly activities that my younger kids attend were canceled because it is Spring Break, but my older two still had some of their activities. So we decided that we would do something fun as a family one day this week. My DH and planned a day around some fun activities for my kids and since my older kids had some where to be on Wednesday we planned our trip for that day. With this day coming up I knew I had my blog idea for today and have been planning this since Monday.
 First Up....was a special breakfast. I found a Pin on Pinterest that was all about cooking cinnamon rolls in your waffle maker. You can find out more from the website the Pin took me to. It is now posted on my Pinterest tried it board. It was a huge hit. The whole family thought it was better than plain waffles or cinnamon rolls.Plus it was super easy!!!

Next Up..... was a trip to the pound to look at the puppies and kitties. We have tried to show our kids that while it is nice to have a "pure" bred pet it will mean so much more to you and to your pet if you adopt them. So every so often we take a trip to the pound and talk to some of the workers or volunteers. Happily our local pound works really hard to reunite pets with their owners when they can but they also work to save pets by working with partners that help to get the animals adopted. My family adopted our dog about six years ago from the pound. Which is a funny story that I may just share on another blog. He is a full blood Miniature Schnauzer.  He already had his ears and tail docked. The Pound gave him his shots and fixed him and we adopted him for $50 ( yes that number is right). He also has his bad boy tattoo from the pound on his belly to show that he was once in puppy jail, my younger kids think it is so funny. He is the sweetest dog. We have never had a problem with him and the kids. He doesn't really shed which is good for Sunny Bunny asthma ( we got him before we had her tested and found out that dogs were an allergic trigger for her asthma). Now we know that not all dogs adopted are so wonderful. My DH and I adopted a dog when we were younger and that dog was a nightmare that I will share about some other time. This is our sweet pup. This is an older picture of him. He needed a cut and a bath but I felt a picture for this blog was needed.
The kids had a blast and Coyote almost got a new puppy but he was not available for adoption. She was so hurt that she could not take "her" doggie home. Her daddy is a big sucker for her and the fee was down today so caving was not a real expense.

On To The Next Event...Lunch we  had a picnic planned but we stopped and had some fast food becasue we were running a little behind on our schedule. Which is a real treat for our kids because of the tight budget we live on combined with the size of my family. The dollar menu is such a wonderful thing. We all had a good time and it was just fast enough for us to go pick up Bear and Lizard's friends to take them to their youth group outing with their church. 

Last ..... We dropped the older kids off and took the younger ones to the book store. My kids love going to the book store. They love looking at the different books and playing with some of the toys they have their.  Of course we want to encourage a love for reading and books so that is an easy request to do. We now own the Ugly Duckling and a cross word puzzle ( both on sale which worked for a our budget)

Home Again....Once we got with the younger ones we allowed them to watch the Guardians till their siblings got home.
This is what a day of fun looks like for us when we splurge on our kids and it was so much fun. 

Thank you for reading.