Monday, March 25, 2013

Dog shaming among other things

This weekend was a full weekend with sick kiddos and errands. I don't expect this next week or weekend to be any slower.  Happily though the weather this week is supposed to get a little warmer before it's supposed to have a chance of getting wet. With the drought though I completely doubt it will happen but I hope it does, like most of the country we could really use the rain. Let me start this post with something funny and cute.

Remember the little pup I was talking about last week well he has a very bad habit. He likes to tear open trash bags to get to the cans and food, despite the fact that he has a bowl of food. We decided to do a little dog shaming. He gets scolded every time but that trash is just to tempting. Now we can tell when he has been a bad boy because he runs and sits in his spot outside our kids bedroom instead of happily greeting us at the door when he has done something. He is such a sweet little silly thing, even when he is being bad. He is very spoiled.

 On to the next topic. We got a copy of some of the pictures we had taken for our churches directory. Which is awesome because getting some family pictures done for free when you have a family the size mine is and with the budget we are on is nearly a miracle. I will be printing them out very soon so I can hang some of them up and of course so I can share them. I am posting two of my favorite.
I love this shot of DH and I. He really is still my high school sweetheart and this picture grabs that feeling.

                I love this picture of my whole gang. Let me introduce to you the clan
                  Back  Lizard, Brother Bear, and Me Front  Sunny Bunny, DH, and Coyote
                          These people are my blessings and treasures and they frequently play starring roles in the posts I share. 

Now lastly. We will be doing some fun Easter projects..

 Dyeing Eggs.... We picked out marble effect dye, bright colors, and a snap tip dyeing system.

Craft Projects ....... Like this sweet little bunny project from The Melrose Family Blog. Here is the link

Bible Studies ....... well really do I need say more. He is the real reason for the entire holiday now isn't he.

Cooking goodies...... I have some special treats planed for the kids and I to make this week.

Well  thank you for reading.