Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whatchya Doin

  I do believe that it is biblical to prepare for bad times and down turns in life, unfortunately I learned this lesson the hard way. I learned this lesson after my family lost everything we took for granted, except each other. Yes I took my husband and kids for granted.  I suppose some days I still do in small ways but not like I ever did before. I am much more grateful for the good days my husband has that I get to share with him and more grateful for the wondrously created gift of each of my kids. This leads me to try natural alternatives ( go green, things I might be able to use if TSHTF or to try and put a little away here and there to help my family if things take another turn on us. No I am not a coupon crazed hoarder or one of the preppers like on the  tv series preppers. Though I do wish I could do some of the things some of them do.
   Recently I was looking up somethings that might help one of my in-laws and stumbled on Coconut Oil uses. Which I already knew of most of them but brushing your teeth with it was a new one. So I decided to look into it more fully and stumbled upon oil pulling and it's benefits. I already had coconut oil to use for cooking and skin issues ( works wonders on chapped lips or a noses sore from being wiped or blown to much). So I decided to try oil pulling which is swishing an oil ,preferably one that is good for you like coconut oil, around in your mouth for 15 - 20 min. Then you spit it out. It supposedly helps whiten your teeth, some people say it helps them sleep better ( ding ding ding we have a winner), help with tooth decay and illnesses. It has not helped me sleep better ( at least so far), but  it has seemed to whiten my teeth  a little. My in laws said it helped with a sinus/allergy thing they had going on.  So I will try it a little longer and see if it warrants being put in my treasure trove of helps.
 I have also been working on clearing an area in my yard for a new clothes line. My DH is building me a 4 liner. I am so excited  I used to have a small one before and I always wanted a big one. He has been searching plans for different types of lines and is mixing and matching to make an awesome one for me. I am also clearing space for a raised garden. We can't really plant a regular garden because 1 we rent and 2 the best area for a fruit and veggie garden is also where lines are ,most supposedly marked, so no digging down just to be sure. I am starting my seeds in door using a few various methods that I saw on pinterest.  I can't wait to be eating fresh foods right out of my own backyard. Also doing this makes me think of my grandma and her own garden. I spent hours with her playing in it and helping  her and then my sister and I would spend hours playing in her garden while she worked cooking or sewing inside. You see almost her entire front yard was a flower garden and in the back it was almost entirely a veg. and fruit garden. So all of our outside time at her house was in her garden.  * Side Note she was an old school prepper you could say...she grew up during the great depression living in a cave helping raise her siblings, then worked the factory work that women worked during war time and then she was a mom so saving and preparing was deeply in grained in her nature.

   This week I made more laundry soap.. I love that in the last six months it has only cost $6 for me to have a fresh green laundry soap. I have have bought back up of the ingredients here there so I have some for my stash just in case I run out and can not afford to get more. I found a couple of recipes after googleing about it and mixed together my favorite. I also tried a couple of pinterest ideas for cleaning towels and pillows this week. I am working on another I tried it post to share those on. If you have not guessed I am a google and pinterest nut. If I can't google it or pin it then something is wrong with it! haha.  I am working on de-cluttering....I seem to be doing this all the time. I have an extra couch that is driving me nuts. You see I sold the couch back in August, but the guy asked us to hold it for a few weeks to a month for him. We told him we would and he paid for the couch. 8 months later I still have an extra couch. I have been doing a couple of studies 1 biblical guidelines for women ( I do and redo this one every so often) 2 a study on the statistics of people who have been bullied, stalked, raped or abused. The statistics of people who self harm. The numbers are staggering.  You see these numbers go along with some other things  I am studying. I am studying the mental aspects of those who do such things and their victims. Studying what the bible says to both parties. Studying what Nouthetic counseling would have done to help vs Secular counseling would have done to help.  I want to know and understand these things and how best to deal with others who are dealing with these things on both sides of the issue.
 That's some of what I am up to. I always seem to find little extra things to keep me busy. Thank you for reading.