Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working on some new decor ideas with out breaking the bank

I have been thinking about a change and upgrade to my homes very sad style. Here's the thing it so needs to be on the cheap to free side in order to work in my budget. Thanks to pinterest and people posting tips to their blogs i have found some wonderful ideas  i am going to have to try.

I have been wanting a nice ottoman and this looks beautiful and simple to make.

So neat and simple Styrofoam and scrapbook paper.
Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

 Cutrains made from table cloths could be so cute

This is more do able than anything if I can convince my husband to give up some of his books.

and of course one of the cheapest big things you can do to room is repaint it. and I am blessed  to have a landlord that would let me do it if I pass the colors by him first.

Oh and I have been busy checkout my websites new look. 
I am working on some ideas for my new craft booth style. I think I will share those with you soon :)