Monday, February 13, 2012

Parent talk

Today in the mix of a day of playing in the snow, housework, neighbors visiting I got a call from my sister L. Which is always a nice treat. We have a lot in common but also she has kids who just like mine inevitably come to ask her a dozen questions while she is on the phone.  It is so awesome to hear some one else actually say because I said so. After our discussion I started thinking about some of the funny and unusual conversations that you have as a parent with another parent. Here are a few I have heard or had with others.

1 My kids have I'm on the phone radar which has caused me to literally hide in my closet or bathroom just to get a conversation out.
2 My kids have the ability to hear the crinkle of a sugary snack in another room so I pretend to be looking the freezer or fridge to eat the snack with out being trapped into giving one to my kids.
3. I am always doing laundry. It never ends. I will wash and dry it and then just leave it in a pile on the couch hoping someone else will want to fold it.( which does not happen not even if you try to make it a game)
4 I only lightly wash over the sides the shower with a rag and cleaner but today I discovered that what I thought was off white is actually white.
5. My potty training toddler spilled pee all over my shoe as they tried to dump their own potty with out telling mom.
6. My potty training toddler tried to wipe their own poopie bottom and ended up getting it all over their bottom and the toilet seat.
7. My toddler asked me to clean their bottom with water because it was itchy.
8. I can clean my house and as soon as I am done with one room the kids have messed it up again while I tried to work on another room.
9. Hold on a second....... you went poop yay..... did you wipe
10. Hold on a second ...... no you can not have another snack
11 Hold on a second...... I said to leave your sibling alone
12 Sometimes I bribe my kids with candy to get them stop throwing a fit in the store
13. I threaten that if they don't behave I will take them to the bathroom in the store and spank their works but I have never done it so I don't know why it works
14. my kids have the stinkiest farts, biggest poops etc.
15 How is that an infant can fart bigger than an when you blame the baby in the store the perfect stranger looks at you like you are awful for blaming your sweet innocent baby for such a thing. that is unless they are parents too then they just smile or giggle with you.
16 and finally hold on a second.... can't you see I am on the phone

I think sharing these things and so many more help keep us parents sane and feeling a little less like this is only happening to me and my kids are ............
So get other and share. You will feel so much better and may just get a good laugh into, just remember the closet is a good place to talk. haha