Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dancing ?

I take an Irish dance class with my mom and my sister S. Now I have no ideas of being this good

Though it would be fun to do something like this

And while I am learning the moves I feel like my class mates look like this

While I feel like I look like this

crazy, off beat and doing my own thing and all!

Recently our class has been combined with a kids class because they are fixing the facility we were using and the kids with beautiful limber joints, youth and extreme amounts of energy make it that much worse. Plus when a kid gets off or messes it they are cute while adults look silly. GOD Bless my ever patient  teacher who will go over the same step over and over again for me. Even when she was very very pregnant she was out there showing us the moves.

I promise I will have my husband or my teacher video me and will show you the awful but fun truth of it all very soon :)

And just 4 fun