Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sick days are still good days.

Sorry this week had been so slow. I was sick with a headache for two days and then we got hit with a stomach bug. Which we are still dealing with. Hopefully it will stay at 2 kids and not the other 2 or us the parents, but I am fairly certain if it is contagious I have been contaminated thanks to my kids swiping drinks from my pop the night they got sick. YA me.  My poor little 3 yr old has no understanding what is wrong. She started throwing up and decided she was done with it so despite still going she tried to get up and walk away saying she was done. I wish it was that easy it breaks my heart for her.  So that has been my week so far add that to the fact I have to finish getting ready for a craft show. Very long week but I know one of these days I will miss having a little one to take care of. Hearing mommie coming out of a bedroom,being trapped under a body that is finally sleeping or even being asked to just be near. Someday that will be gone and my home will be silent except for the occasional visit. So even these days I have come to be thankful for. I just don't want or need to many of these weeks.