Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Please Don't Share!

We have had a really hard week here. It started with a migraine for mommie and then a stomach virus. When it started we thought oh it is food poisoning because  our two eldest came home from a youth group party with tummy aches. Unfortunately it was not just food poisoning. I was abruptly woken by my 3 year old throwing up on me and my bed. Then later as that was finishing it's work through my family my husband thought he might be getting a scratchy throat. As we have been trying to contain this it made think of how many times we tell our kids to share. Share your toys, share your snack( i.e goldfish, crackers etc.) share share share. Now I am saying wait stop. Please don't share my drink, my food, your food, etc. Please Don't Share Your Germs. I do not want any more illnesses this year thank you.  So I am rethinking the sharing thing. The next time my kids are playing in the park and a snotty nosed kid wants a few of my kids sand toys I may just say you don't have to and when the insulted mom says it's just allergies I will look at her suspiciously and wonder if it really is just allergies or if she is just completely oblivious to the fact her kid has some kind of cold and is infecting my child with it ( nice side note learned the hard way if it looks like pink eye and the parent says it's allergies trust your gut). Perhaps the next time I am at the McDonald's Play Place I will insist my child not play with the child who is repeatedly coughing in my child's direction and when that child's parent says oh they are just a little warm and that makes them cough I will give her a crazy look and cough in her direction and exclaim oh I understand I do the same thing and it is so really warm in here.  No I wont really do these things but I will start teaching my children to not put their hands to their faces with out washing them first, wash before eating and after being out ( especially during cold and flu season which typically lasts till May here). I will keep my kids from being the kid that spread the germs. We have got to teach our kids to not share their germs.