Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Bathe or not?

My 3 year old hates - yes I said hates- being washed especially her hair. Has since she was an infant. You would think after years now of being bathed she would at least tolerate and expect it, but no it is a screaming nightmare for both of us. Now she loves to "play" in a bubble bath, but if I pull out the soap she freaks. I have tried all kinds of tricks like covering her head with a rag, using the rag to rinse her hair,acting like the rag was a puppet, washing her hair in the sink while she lies on the counter with a rag over face, etc. Now some of you are thinking  why not let her clean herself.  Well that is because she tells me things I'm all clean I washed my feet and the rest her is bone dry. Now some days if she has only played inside I do let the whole I'm clean the bubbles cleaned me slide. I know eventually she will be able to 1. understand why she must bathe and or 2. tell me why she dislikes it so much. I just am not sure that day can come fast enough for either one of us. It is so bad that I will admit some days I let her win and she wont have to bathe that night. Honestly there is only so many mommie no with great big sobbing puppy dog tears  chasing the toddler forcing her to get and stay  in a tub of water screaming like she is being beat severely nights one mom can take.  I know I am not alone in this. One of my sisters has a kid who has developed an issue with water being on their head. Yet I sure feel alone and like a mean bad mommie when it comes to bath time. Being mom is not always as what June Cleaver, Carol Brady, Shirley Partridge made it look like. Heck even Morticia Adams made it look to easy and her kids were crazy.