Friday, February 17, 2012

A Bucket list

 I love watching an Idiot Abroad. So stinking funny.  It cracks me up seeing his reaction to the things the other guys put him through.  Watching the show though made me think why not make a Bucket List. Why not set some goals to try and reach before I die? I think it would make life so much more interesting than just doing the usual daily grind till I can no longer go. So I have been trying to come up with a Bucket List. I of course started where I think most people do... Travel. Places I want to see and experience.  SO far the list includes places like the Safari in South Africa, Pyramids in Egypt, Japan, China, Ireland,  France (again), South America, Alaska, Scotland, Greece, Rome, Grand Canyon, Jamaica ( again), The Amazon rain forest and so and so forth. I have chosen so many places so I can always have a goal and there is no rule saying I have to make it to all of them before I die I just have to try. Then I started thinking I need to add accomplishments to my bucket list. That for some reason has been a little harder, but I have figured out a few. I want to learn to speak Japanese and Cantonese, I want to go sky diving, I want to get my scuba diving certification and I want to run a marathon. I need to add more and I am sure I will, but thinking about it has already opened up more opportunities in my world. Expanding my view of the possibilities in my life. I am only in my 30's after all life is not done with me yet and I plan on soaking up every second of it. Not letting the joy of just being alive pass me by leaving me wondering what more could have been in my old age.