Monday, October 15, 2012

A Big Imagination

So to make things more simplified I have come up with blog appropriate names for my kids.
coyote -youngest
bunny - next up
bear- next up and my sun
lizard - my oldest

Now I will be able to relate stories to you with out giving out to much detail or embarrassing my teens. Yes they do stop in and check out dear old moms blog every so often. Mostly to make sure I don't share something that would embarrass them.  Now that I have these names out and listed I want to share something about my youngest Coyote.

Coyote has an awesome imagination. We have been living with her imaginary friend Sally for about a year now. Sally comes and goes but still pretty constant. We don't know where the name Sally has come from. She doesn't and has never watched a show with a character named Sally. We don't know anyone named Sally. Sally lives in a house with monsters, but they are her family and they are nice monsters. Sally lives in a place that is dark,but Sally doesn't like the dark ( so we have a night light for Sally). Sally doesn't live in our world ,but wants to come over into our world.  Sally is older than Coyote but not as old as Bunny. This is not our first imaginary friend  Bunny had one for a little while when she was about  Coyote's age. Not one as detailed but still had one. We actually had to serve food to her friend. It's just fun to see my kiddos imagination at work in such a unique way.

Thought I would share something fun on here today as well.  So how about a little Gangam Style.
Don't forget to dance along and enjoy your day.  Thank you for visiting today!