Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Craft show and more

 OK so I promised to talk about my show and to show you pictures of my booth. My show went great. I was very cold but the crowd was good and the people who put on the event were very kind and helpful. I was thrilled to finally meet in person some of my vendor friends from FB groups I am in and some of my tweeps. One was actually set up right next to me and that was fun. I also got a chance to see and visit with some of my vendor friends I have already met, done shows with and became friends with. There were 4 huge rows of vendors so there was a lot to see. I drank a lot of hot cocoa, which was delivered to my tent. One of my daughters worked the show with me. It was  lot of fun. When she works with me I buy her a little treat and this time she picked out a pair of angel earrings. Her first pair of dangle earrings.  OK the tent display Mishap. We forgot one of the back drops and with the wind I had to have it so one of my table covers was converted into a back drop. I think my display still turned out cute.

my helper
 I also have been working on some new halos and veils. It has been so much fun working on these and my screen printing. Both are reasons to be messy. Sometimes my older kids even get in on the fun.  I really like how the halos and viels are coming out now. I am sharing pictures but please be aware a lot of hours has gone into the design of this product and the design is the sole property of Dreams Come True Shop and copying or simulating it is theft and just plain wrong. This is posted Date 10/9/12
love my little model
one of helpers
they come in long and short style.

So I have been a busy girl. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful things in my life and I am looking forward to the other things that are coming up in my business and life.