Friday, October 19, 2012

What's to come?

Time to get ready for the Holidays. This is a big time of year for my type of business. I am working on filling up my shops and getting into a few shows. I have made the move to shipping overseas. I used to do it with another company I worked for so I have a good handle on how to do it simply and legally. I also have to get ready because we have 3 birthdays next month, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I am going to Texas for a concert with my mom as well. That should be a lot of fun. Thanksgiving and Christmas takes some planning. There are 3 families to see in a short amount of time. We all try to work around each other which is helpful. This year my sister S is supposed to be having at least one part of the family to her house for Thanksgiving. I am very excited for her. I am not sure what the plan is on my dad's side. My grandma has moved up here and my dad will be moving in early Nov. so I am not sure what the plan will be. I am also need to plan 3 B-day parties and I will then need to work on Christmas. We have a coin jar for Christmas. I am hoping to get to go with my sister on Black Friday shopping. I have never done black Friday Shopping before. It sounds insane but fun. My shops will be set up for Black Friday, small shop Saturday and Cyber Monday Sales this year.My sisters bows will be in my shop as well. Mostly because her family needs the money from her business growing like mine does. I love her bows. She does a really good job on them. They are really unique and fun.  I am hoping my other business doesn't take a hit but sometimes that type of business does during this time of year, but then picks back up after the Holidays.

 I have been working on doing some upgrading of my skills and have been looking at some different classes to help with that. I just can't decide where I want to take these classes and how much I want to invest in them. Time and money wise. We live on tight budget and my family is in a place where it needs me around as well so I have to be sure before I jump.

I will also be teaching some classes at the local shop I am currently in. I think they will be a lot of fun and I  am excited about them as well. It will be on topics I am already showing other people how to do so it will be something I am used to doing only in planned out forum.