Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Temptation's game

Been on a journey of self growth lately. You know what I have learned? Temptation is a B*TCH. Yep I said it. She wraps herself up like it's no big deal just one little time, you need to just to know for sure and then bang your smacked by the consequence of playing her game while she runs  off and laughs at you.  I see others play with her and her pals envy,greed and gossip and wonder do they ever get hit by the consequences like I do. Which is another on of the games temptation plays look they did it and nothing happened to them.  Sure they do. They pay for it just like anyone else but maybe not like I do or you would.  Payment for playing the game is as individual as the bill you get from your credit card company.  Just like that it always sucks when it's time to settle up. Digging your way back up out the mess you have buried yourself in is as much work and fun a trying to climb out from underneath a mountain of Bull Poo. It stinks, you can't wait to get out and away from it,  you get frustrated and sweaty and you wonder why in the heck you even got underneath the crap in the first place. So yep temptation sucks and so does playing her game because you usually end up playing with her big brother sin  and he's a jerk too. He likes to take you a lot further than temptation said it would go, keep you there a lot longer than you want to stay and make the payment a whole lot nastier than ever thought it would be. Funny things is the bible pretty much wrote that out in black in white. So back to the book for more lessons and more prayers for forgiveness, strength, his patience, distraction etc. Yeah I pray for distraction. My mind wonders a hundred miles an hour all the time. I will be doing one thing and thinking about 4 or 5 other things and yet hold on to a topic like a rabid dog going after it's prey, it can be very frustrating. This can lead into falling into temptation for me if I am not distracted by another thought.  Also I have learned that you have to look at yourself and admit hey I'm not perfect. I mess up. I have played with temptation and fallen into her brothers waiting arms and I am getting burned by it. That takes a lot of looking at your self. One more great little thing temptation  and sin do is keep calling after you as you try to walk away from them. With each step making their offer just a little more appealing until you finally are far enough away that you can barely hear their shouts to you. Of course they will travel up the road and later present you with a new offer so your war with them is not over forever but you can win the battle.  I have also been learning that sometimes you have to switch gears because the road you thought you were going down was not the right direction for you. This is usually hard work and frustrating. I have been looking into some new directions for somethings in my life and some of them look very promising. Hard work but promising. Well thanks for reading. Next time I promise to post something fun and light hearted.