Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend News

This weekend has been so very full.  I learned some of my dearest friends are back in the state with an extra little bundle. I am so very happy for them and can not wait to go see them. Yesterday was my craft show out of my metro area and I loved it. I will be doing more and more of them out of my metro. It was so very very cold though with no wind breaks. So cold that today I was walking and squatting to help my preschooler and I couldn't figure out why  my legs, buttocks and back ached. Then it hit me I spent all day shivering, pacing in my booth or stiff that has to be it. My muscles are used to moving not used to shivering all day. It was still a lot of fun. I will but up a big post about it later this week with pics of my booth which has story of it's own. Also my husband took my eldest daughter to her boyfriends so they could hang out because he lived 15 min just beyond where my show was( yes it is a long distant relationship which works for me). It was a surprise for her. It is their 1 month ann. ( ah teenagers). The kid is a good kid. He asked permission to ask my daughter to be his girlfriend ( YES score one for the parents) and we like his parents too. They share the same thoughts about the kids as we do. My daughter was really surprised and had  good time.

 Today was great we got up to go to church and had a really good time. Remember my post about another church and my hair. The people at this  place had members that have come up gushing over my new style and one guy today asked if her could touch it. He said it was like a Japanese waterfall , that made me smile. I have never had my hair described in such away.  The sermon was on Tithe ( and the pastor went over it was great love when a pastors let's GOD lead and not the clock). It was a good sermon. Sunday school was awesome we have been discussing some deep things like Love covers a multitude of sins and an enemy can be an idol , Forgiveness and Love and how those things relate to our lives.  My eldest Daughter was in a play this morning. We are close friends with the Guy who runs the Drama club and he did a great job with the play and my daughter did a great job with her part. It was really funny. The amazing thing about this morning was we almost didn't make it. You see because my husband has RA it makes getting up to go do anything in the morning difficult and slow going. Some mornings are worse than others and this morning was bad. He was in a lot of pain, nauseous and was really locked up. Then when he pushed himself to get a move on he got sick, physically sick. You see we have to give him time to get going slowly and to basically warm up his body to moving ,kind of like an old car in the winter. This morning we over slept and didn't get a chance to do that and he had to pay for it big time. He pulled  together enough that we were able to go to church. I am glad we did. I love going to worship and love that now we get to worship together.