Friday, October 26, 2012

Mist of Pandaria Review

I got the new World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria for my birthday as well as a time card so I am paid up to Feb. Which of course is rockin in my humble opinion. With this expansion Blizzard introduced what is their version of Kung Fu Pandas. They are pretty cool. I of course had to make myself a panda to check it out. Pandaria is really pretty and set on the back of a turtle. You can chose to be a monk along with other character options with the new Panda race. You can set your fur color, hair and more just like before giving you a small ability to personalize your character. The Pandas are World of Warcrafts first neutral character. As you progress through your quest in Pandaria you are given quest by both Horde and Alliance. I have not made it off of Pandaria yet as I have been distracted with craft fair things this past month and with just regular playing with my 80+ hunter night elf. She is my fave toon. I learned with her that Blizzard revamped the abilities, mounts and more. Which in some areas is great and others just kind of sucked.Also with the new expansion you can now battle your vanity pets think Pokemon on crack. I have just begun delve into that part of it, but it seems like fun. I got a new collector's mount and pet which are both pretty cool and I received a book on some of the artwork. I like looking at the artwork it really shows how much thought, effort and work goes into the new expansions. We as WOW addicts complain about the glitches, bugs, lag and more but really the fact the there is even an MMORPG like World of Warcraft is fairly awesome. You can play with people all across the country and beyond and everyone is seeing the same thing at the same time. For instance when you are in a dungeon slaying a dragon you the Shaman ( let's say you live in California) can be healing a Paladin (in New York) all while a hunter ( in Texas) and Druid ( in Montana) and now also a monk (in Florida) are assisting in damage. You will also share in what is often times fun banter with you guild friends who can be from anywhere as well. I personally have some guildies in Arizona, Illinois, Texas,Oklahoma and California. Yes we geeks are everywhere. Some soon we will be taking over the world. Guilds are a great source for information and help as well. Especially if you're a 25 and stuck on a road where a 55 wants to keep killing you. A quick call to your guild and more than likely help is on the way. If have not played you can try it for free. Yes Blizzard is just like any drug dealer they give a free sampling to get you hooked,Haha. Just kidding, but seriously you can go here to try it for free and if you do and get on Darrowmere realm let me know on my twitter and I will be help you if you get stuck or need help leveling. After your free trial it does cost to play but really all in all it's not that much after the initial bump. Think of this if you are online playing you're not out spending money in other areas like on gas. So I hope you enjoyed this mini review and make the jump to the expansion if you already play and if you are new to it all well then I that you might come and join in on the fun.

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