Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some Saturday News and something fun to try

I want to share something great I found. My husband and I live on a very tight budget and with this economy it seems to get tighter every day.  So I try to find ways to save a little money everyday in as many ways as possible. We do coupon on a lot of items but if I can be thrifty and a little more all natural all the better. Well I found a great new homemade laundry detergent recipe. Not only does it get my clothes just as clean as name brand products but actually cleaner in some cases. Plus it smells great. I really do love it. It makes my whole garage smell amazing. Oh and I don't have to use fabric softner. My clothes have been coming out of the dryer so soft. Now when I began looking all I found where recipes for liquid ones  that resembled snot. GROSS! I am a mom of 4 kids and snot is not my bag. Then I found a recipe for a dry version. I tweaked it a little because it called for a bar of Ivory soap but that soap sometimes irritates one of my kids skin so I had to get an alternative for that part. Plus I could make it easily and inexpensively with out out the goo.  I found all of the ingredients at my local walmart in the laundry area.  Here is my recipe that I use

1 bar of Fels Naptha finely shredded ( I use a cheese shredder)
1 Cup of 20 Mule Team Borax
1 Cup of  Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
and because I am a mom of 4 kids and it has to be able to fight all the lovely stains they seem to get
1 Cup of Oxi Clean

I just simply pour all of the ingredients into a ziploc bag and shake it to mix it. Now I have to shake it to mix it before each use but not a whole lot. I use only about 1 Tbsp with each load.
I do use it in my HE washing machine with no problem.  I have found it works best in warm water but did do the job in cold.So far my whites have been coming out whiter and brighter than the commercial brand we were using and same with my colors. It also has been  doing an excellent job of getting the stains out.  I have gotten about 40 large loads out each bag and I think some of it went a little fast because my teens now do their own laundry and I think they sometimes use more than the amount they should.

Some other fun things this week happened
I got a new Comp with a mega graphics card and a ton of storage as a B-day present. Plus a new printer that also scans,copies and faxes.
 My hubby who loves beyond words saved up and bought me the new Pandarian Mist World of War Craft expansion with a mount and a new pet. Just made my whole month that he went and got such a thoughtful gift for me and it really is just for me.
My other business is growing again leaps and bounds.
I got to hang out with my dad and that side of the family.
I had another craft show and was invited to join a big one in November. Which I probably will.
Had a really good long time friend come over. That was a really good time,
 Some sad news happened this week too
 We have some very dear friends who are a very sweet couple. We have gotten to know her parents and younger sister as well over the last month.  Sadly her mom died of a sudden heart attack. Her dad was the one who heard her slump over in the bathroom and rushed into try in an resuscitate her but she never came back. She was only in her 50's maybe early 60's. She was so very sweet and kind and an awesome Christian woman.  She not only left behind two older daughters and their spouses ( or soon to be spouse)  and her husband, but she also left behind a 7yr old daughter. My heart goes out to all of them and so do my prayers.

Well all I have left to say is I love you guys and thanks for reading my blog.