Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Monday

 Since I own my own shop that I carry my own handmade items in I thought I would stat making Monday about my new projects and project ideas. Right now I am in love with knitting. I started making my kids and husband some hats and fingerless gloves. It has jumped from there with my extended family and friends loving them as well. So now I am carrying them in my shop. I hope to start some really neat other crochet items this week and some other knit items, but I will keep those a secret till I have them done :) I will say I have gotten some Valentine colors that I am ay excited to work with very soon.

For my fingerless gloves I can use just about any weight but I have been preferring to use the heavy weights since it is supposed to be winter ( though you would have not known with the weather around here). I think it helps them feel warmer. I also like yarns with sparkle or patterns that show up while you are knitting them up.  Oh by the way that is my hand and yes I know my nails need some attention, but after a day of dealing with kids and everything else I am usually just happy to say I got a shower.

On my hats I like using heavy weights for warmth but I sometimes I a funky or lighter yarn will just beg to be turned into a hat. I make new ones for my family just about every year, but it usually turns into me giving some away or selling to some friends, family etc.  This is my youngest  cutey Riley Coyote modeling off the hat I made her. She made the little kissy face all on her own for the picture.
You can order your own from my website DreamsComeTrueShop  I can do just about any color,size ,length, style etc.  when you check out note that you saw my blog for a special treat.

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