Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a Wonderful Wednesday.
I was going to post about homeschooling but I decided I would tell some of the fun from my honeymoon. 15 years ago today I married to my best friend. My mom rented a hotel room for us to spend the night in and against others advice we were going out town the next morning. We decided to go to New Mexico so my husband could take me to all the places he grew up in. Over night it snowed big time and when we got up before dawn it still was. We had to drive so slow but we were doing it. We made it through Texas no problem and then we hit New Mexico. The highway was closed down.  We pulled off with the rest of the traffic and were going to get gas and wait but everywhere was  crazy full and we had just under half a tank in our little Geo Metro. So when we saw the snow trucks with their plows going out the back way of the stop area/ town we followed determined to make it to our first place for the night. We got outside of town on a nicely paved back road  and suddenly the truck turned around. SO we had a choice go on or turn back. WE WENT ON! Back to moving slow but steady. That is when we saw the most beautiful canyon space I have ever seen. We pulled over and got out to look. We were up on the side completely alone with snow lightly falling around us while we were viewing out into the canyon. I was magical.  We got back on the road  and decided to start watching for a gas station. I checked the map and found several small towns along the way which made us feel sure we would be able to get gas soon. The sun started breaking through the clouds along the way  but there were no gas stations and road was quickly becoming a not so nicely paved road. We were still having fun but getting a little worried because the gas was nearly empty now. We saw some amazing views and some that remind me to this day of horror movie scenes.  NOW the gas situation was getting worrisome we were all but empty. Now here is something I will never forget as we were driving we got stuck in the middle of a cattle herd being moved. Yes a cattle herd. We could not believe our eyes. The cowboys moved their cows on so we could get through and we nodded and went on our way. Now we were very worried our gas was gone and these little towns still had nothing or were not still around. Finally we  saw it like a shining A GAS STATION SIGN. We picked up speed as we hit town. We hit a bridge and started to lose control from hitting an ice patch. Our car spun right into the gas station and right next to the pump. My husband pumped the gas and was going to wash all of the writing off our windows but the glass cleaner at the station was frozen and they had none for sale inside. We actually spent most of our trip with writing on our windows, but it was kind of fun being honked at by well wishers. More things I will never forget  My husband tried so hard to get us nice hotels but ended up being the cheapest one that was the best and most romantic. WE still go there when we are in  Toas. I was pregnant and gorged my self on Tex Mex and Mexican food. WE had to honk at the birds on the back roads because they were so busy eating the salt they would not move until it was too late.( My husband actually hit a few and made me pull them out of the radiator ) On the way home I felt the first little flutter of our lizabug. It was an amazing trip and it was completely unplanned except that we had X amount of money and we were going to New Mexico.