Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Madness

 My fave game aside from anything zombie is World of Warcraft. I know big shocker not only am I girl who is a gamer but I also have kids and I'm a wife. Wont hold me back from thrashing a  zombie to a pulp or giving a good whooping to a nasty little Horde member. World of Warcraft is an MMORPG  ( Massive  Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). You do have to buy the game and time for online game time which can be costly but if you watch Blizzard's store you can score some awesome deals at times. Now there are those who are thinking it is a fancy version of Dungeons and Dragons but it is so much more. You can chose if you want to even play against other people or the game. You have the option to go rogue and do it alone or join up with friends and master the world as a team. You have the option of not only a character type but whether you are good or bad ( Alliance or Horde). You can even have one of both.You can meet new people from all over and most of them are more than happy to help out another player. There are battles,dungeons,quests and professions all waiting for you at different levels. The game it's self is constantly evolving and growing. the scenery is amazing and the characters are too. Especially when you consider who ever it is that is building is not seeing what you are seeing but code that translated into what you are seeing and doing.  Now I want to talk to those who think World of Warcraft are for Nerds, Geeks or Dorks. Have you seen whose playing and whose done commercials for the game? Let's see there is Ozzy Osbourne, Mr. T, Chuck Norris, William Shatner, Verne Troyer, Jean-Claude Van Damme , Steve Van Sandt, and Aubrey Plaza ( yes girls rock this game too). Then you have companies like Toyota, Mountain Dew, Slim Jim who use World of Warcraft in commercials. Not so lowly now huh?!You can even find World or Warcrafts influence in Pinterest.

So if you are interested ( which you know you are)you can try it now for free.