Monday, January 9, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

So following some awesome advice I am going for content and on here I will have a post labeled for each day but I will also post about things that catch my fancy so things don't become stale but you will know what to expect or to look for on here.  So Tuesday's will be Thoughtful Tuesdays. Soooo on with the show. Today's thoughts will be on Marriage. This will be one of my fave topics I can already tell you now. This is because mine was saved by GOD from certain destruction. Now when my husband and I would counsel we shared our tools with others and now I will share them with you. Now this is going to be awesome for those with rocky  marriages, those with awesome marriages, those married for only a short while and those married for a long time. Today I want to cover ways to reopen the door to appreciation for your spouse.  In our day to day we often forget to look at our spouses and see the wonderful person that gave us butterflies. When you add kids to the mix things can get even more crazy. So here are some tips to keep the notion of "this person really is awesome and I really do connect with them" in the  front of your mind.
1. Make a list of 10....Guys write a list of things you LOVE about your wife, Gals things you RESPECT about your husband.
2. Start a sweet things jar. Make a jar and fill it with things you love,respect and now about your spouse.Even things you know your spouse likes or needs are OK too.  At least 2 times a week pull out one and tell/ do it for your spouse.
3. Write a random note for them put in  in their lunch, briefcase,wallet,as a text, twitter,facebook,e-mail. Try it once a week.
4. Try a room tax .... ask for a hug or a kiss when you leave or enter a room your spouse is in. Now not every time because that can get annoying.( Again we really do these things and that is how I know not to over do it haha)
5. Try to fit in date night or couple time once a week. Try to do something that is neutral and maybe even new. My husband and I eat sushi, do puzzles, play games on the Xbox orPS3,read together, try new types of restaurants, snuggle together in our room and watch a movie or show together ( can you tell the ones we do on date nights and the ones we do as our couple time)
As you do these you will be able to add your own ideas and switch them up to keep things new and fun. These things have always helped my hubby and I keep things in perspective. It also helps the other to know we are thinking about them and that we love and appreciate the other one. I hope that maybe you found some new ideas to add to your toolbox to keeping your marriage fresh.

Also I want to Thank 4 Love of CupCakes for her awesome blogging tips.