Thursday, January 26, 2012

A mom's care is not just for her kids

I have realized that a mom's duty does not always stop with the care of her children. Sometimes  she has to also care for her children's pet.  Today I had to help my daughter with her turtle. Now caring for this silly turtle has turned into a bigger task than we understood it to be. My husband was in our kids room and discovered my daughters pet turtle ( a new pet from her grandparents for her birthday a few months ago) was not in his usual position and had not been in the water for awhile.Pushing the kids out  in to the living room under the claim we needed to talk alone for a moment we went back into the room to investigate the situation further because if this turtle had died our little Claire-Bear was going to be devastated. Closer inspection revealed he was alive but his water was cold. So my husband made up some warm turtle water  and added it to his cage to test to see if that was his problem. Sure enough he promptly gets up and goes into the water.  We decide to clean his cage and fill it with new warm  turtle water. While my husband is cleaning the cage I stood watch  over our little turtle friend because the 3 yr old is very tempted to touch him.  While sitting there I notice his shell looks unusually green. This prompts me to rub his shell with a wet paper towel when it came away green I knew we had another problem beyond cold water. So to the internet I go to find answers. What do I find?  Care for this little guy has gotten more interesting than we  previously had  thought.  I had to take an old toothbrush, salt and  gently scrub the turtle's little shell. I did this until he started trying to bite me and the brush. He is now mostly clean and back to his normal green. We also learned he needed to be moved to a sunny area, a better basking light, a water filter, a better dock, and a water heater while I was looking up what to do about his shell.  So today we went and priced all of this and it will be $50 - $60  at least on top of  everything we have already gotten for his care. Guess what we are going to getting when we get paid next?  You got it $50 -$60 of turtle care items and why because the thought of  the eyes of our beautiful little girl's eyes being filled with tears over a dead turtle would be to much for us.  Especially when she has done everything she was told to do in order to take care of turtle. We have been very proud of her.

This is Claire-Bear's turtle. It's name is Ushio ( which is supposed to have the character for ocean).He is very small and young.

young and restless