Monday, January 16, 2012

Mainc Monday

Okay So today was awesome. today I went with my girls,my sister L and her kids up to see my sister S and her little one. We to a walk in the amazing weather today around downtown Guthrie. It was so much fun looking at all of boutiques and antique shops. Then we went to my sister S's place and she cut mine and my girls hair.  Here's the thing we did only part of the style. we are still going to dye my hair. Platinum blonde on top and here's is the fun I am going to let you vote on what color you think i should do on the bottom. Pictures first. Now I look really tired because I am and the hair will look my layered once colored and after I style. It feel flat :(

OK here are the choices

midnight blue, dark cherry red, sweet cherry red, brown,black. mystery

Comment below to cast your vote.
This is a change because my email was dropping votes.