Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun Friday Week in Review

This week was great I got to spend time with 2 of my sisters. Got the first step of my hair cut done. Which if you have not voted for your idea of the best hair color. Go to Monday's blog and vote. So far the leads are midnight blue and dark cherry red. Of course my MOM, my MIL and FIL all vote for it to stay my natural color. Which is also very sweet! Then I also added a GIVEAWAY this still has low entries and you still have time to enter. Just go to my blog for Tuesday and sign that you are a fan of my blog! I got to play my favorite game with an awesome friend and my tweep friend. I am speaking of World of Warcraft of course.  I finished The Hunger Games. I will right a review on it tomorrow if my daughter has finished reading it by then. I don't want to ruin it for her. I must say it was to much fun finding all the zombie stuff for my zombie blog post this week. I found so much more than I posted I am going to have to do another one. I have been in deep thought,study and prayer and have given up drinking anything but water until things have been sorted out and I can be still enough to hear what GOD is telling me. If you know me you know what big deal that is because I hate water. Yes I actually said hate. I has been such a test because all I want is a great big ice cold sweet anything, but I said I would and will not break from it.  I of course spent to much time on pinterest, that site is addicting.  I will show some of my pretties I found

This found as idea for my two younger kids ho love to paint but are not allowed to use their big sisters because it is expensive artist paint.


I would love this even not over water!

I found this very funny!

Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

and this is because everyday should have little sparkle to it :) Glitter Alliance

Hope you had an awesome week and the your weekend!