Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Friday

Today was an absolutely busy day. It actually started early for some reason I have not been able to stay asleep. Happily while everyone else slept I was able to drift away into my book "The Hunger Games". My little sister L got it for me for Christmas and I am as addicted to reading it as she said I would be. We frequently share the books we're reading for fun. The thing about a good book is it is so hard for me to pull out of it, not good when your a mom of 4, wife, and you have a business you are running. It is almost like I am literally transported into the story and moving along in the story with the characters. The thing about a slow book I always read the ending to see if I really want to finish it. My hubby says I am very odd for doing this. I did get some awesome pictures from my mom of me as a baby and of her pregnant with me.
This her pregnant with me. That is my dad behind her and my great grandmother( who I had the pleasure of actually knowing) holding her hand.

Want to see something really neat. This is my lizard. Never realized she looked so much like my mother. Little jealous my daughter got her full lips and I didn't. My little girl is that dark beauty that is written about so much and so many other girls try to be, her daddy is already trying to scare off the boys. Her poor boyfriend had the fright put into him the first time he called. haha

Well this week has been awesome and I hope yours has been as well.